Are you looking for a loan without proof of salary? We have compiled the credit options for you that can also be used without proof of salary. The article also provides information on backgrounds and solution options.

Loan without proof of salary – problem

Loan without proof of salary - problem

The top priority of any lending is repayment security. A credit request that can be foreseen that cannot be repaid remains unfulfillable. The usual credit requirements are therefore that the borrower must be of legal age. He derives his income from dependent employment. The employment contract is unlimited, without notice and of course outside the trial period. The proof of this is provided by the proof of salary.

At first glance, it appears that the loan without proof of salary does not fit into the credit structure of normal lending. It is only when you take a closer look that you notice that the income does not necessarily have to be proven by the wage and salary certificate. There is also the option of taking out a loan only with an employment contract. In addition, types of income other than salary are also very welcome.

For example, age references are very similar to wages. In this case, the pension notification or pension certificate is used as proof of income. Even self-employed and freelancers cannot provide proof of salary. Your income is often commission-dependent. Nevertheless, the income is often very good. The average income of a successful freelancer hardly reaches any employee. An extreme example of this would be a radiologist. According to the association, radiologists earn an average of around 22,000 USD a month. If there were no credit without proof of salary, the economy would probably collapse. In Germany, about 5 million people who earn extremely well would not get a loan.

Loan opportunities without proof of salary

Loan opportunities without proof of salary

Proof of salary is undoubtedly the easiest way to prove a secure income. Since not everyone can provide it, there are alternatives that enable a loan. Politics has set the hurdles very high for the self-employed and freelancers. Small companies in particular are disadvantaged by the requirements of the Basel 2 agreement. The alternative to a loan with the BWA is the loan with the income tax notice. A provider for this would be from the credit comparison, for example Barclaycard.

Another option that is also open to private loan prospects is the loan from private investors. Various portals offer the opportunity to present the loan request. Investors who want to support the loan request can submit a bid. Credit from private donors is booming. The platforms offer a win-win situation for the small savers who appear as investors and also for borrowers. Small savers can invest their money safely and get a fair interest compensation. Borrowers who are suddenly unable to get a loan due to changes in lending terms are now creditworthy again.

Loan offers in difficult income situations

Loan offers in difficult income situations

The problem of proof of income is not always the focus of a loan search without proof of salary. Income, such as parental allowance or Social Welfare, is not relevant to credit and therefore cannot be proven.

In this case, low interest rates of the usual online direct providers can be secured by a solvent co-applicant or guarantor. In this way, the loan without proof of salary is not limited to niche offers, such as the loan from the pawnshop.

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