Banks and savings banks do not provide for a flash credit without payroll. The bank will either ask the applicant to hand in the pay slips or will not grant a loan. The income situation is crucial, because this is the only way the bank can see whether there is any money that allows the loan to be repaid.

Why is no lightning credit granted by banks without pay slips?

Why is no lightning credit granted by banks without pay slips?

Banks make money with their lending. Interest is estimated so that the bank can make a profit. If this money is at risk, the bank will not take the risk and will therefore not issue a lightning credit without payroll. It is not uncommon for customers to receive unemployment benefits.

This group of people must not take out a loan because the loan would be canceled immediately from the social benefits. In addition, the bank would have no chance to issue a garnishment if the loan was not repaid. This would result in a loss-making business from the hoped-for profit and banks want to avoid that.

The only way, if there are no pay slips, is to get a disposition credit. Banks see all income and expenses on the computer. If regular payments are received here, a pay slip is often not necessary. In this way, the loan seeker can be provided with at least a small amount in the account. This can be used for invoices that have to be transferred immediately.

This variant is a very expensive one, because the interest on a overdraft facility is often twelve percent or more. A debt trap is almost inevitable, especially for those who have little income. So much interest accrues every month that repayment is difficult. An alternative to this is a lightning credit without payroll in the form of a personal loan.

Often the only way – a personal loan

Often the only way - a personal loan

Private lenders know that there are people who are unable to get a loan if the pay slips are missing. Some providers have specialized in this group of people. On the Internet, the loan seeker can get a lightning credit without payroll, but does that also involve risks?

Both sides will take a risk in lending. Above all, the borrower who urgently needs money must fear that he will get into dubious providers. However, this can be prevented if some things are observed. So there is always an alarm signal when an insurance is offered that needs to be taken out before a loan agreement is made. Such offers should not even be considered.

Interest rates are higher for reputable providers than for a bank, but should not go beyond the scope. There are now many portals where the loan seeker can read testimonials and can already see that some have fallen for dubious providers. So the loan seeker can also sort out many providers.

The lender also takes a risk. Since there is no way to check whether there is money for the repayment of a lightning credit without payroll, it can happen that the private lender stays on the installment payments. To minimize the risk of loss, many set interest rates high enough to make a lot of money.

Private providers cannot even check the applicant’s Schufa, so there is no chance of checking the finances here either. For example, private providers often only grant a small loan that ranges from 5000 USD to a maximum of 5000 USD. If you don’t trust the private providers, you can only try to get a sum of money with your family or friends. Here, too, a contract should always be drawn up. Repayment should be guaranteed, but deferral can also be granted without problems if the financial constraint does not allow immediate repayment.

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