Many consider the use of credit cards as nothing but a consumer loan. As a result, high lifestyles can be achieved easily, but debt is increasingly increasing.

This perception is certainly wrong. Various uses of credit cards can actually make a healthy financial condition. As long as it is used correctly, the use of credit cards can help manage money better.

If having a credit card gets you in a lot of debt, try reviewing its usage. Or maybe you are not yet eligible for a credit card because it is still difficult to control yourself.

Now, so that credit cards can provide benefits, know and optimize the six uses of credit cards, the following.


6 uses of credit cards

1. Simplify bill payments

Have bills that must be paid regularly, such as telephone, water, electricity or internet bills? Manage payment of all bills easily through one door, the payment feature on a credit card.

Ask the credit card issuing bank, what payment services are available. Then, register the bill that you have so that the payment occurs automatically according to the desired date.

This method not only saves you time, but also avoids the emergence of additional costs from late bill fines due to negligence.


Zero percent installment facilities

Need a new laptop to support your work but your budget is not met? Take advantage of the 0 percent installment facility offered by credit card issuing banks.

The 0 percent installment is a installment scheme that allows you to make transactions in installments until it is paid off.

Installments will not be charged interest, so it is lighter than using other loan facilities, such as KTA online .


Help save money

Zero percent installment facilities

Credit cards have a variety of attractive offers, such as discounts, cashback, to reward points that can be exchanged with various attractive prizes. Credit card promos offered can be used to make you more economical.

For example, you can save up to 10 percent for every purchase of domestic needs using Cream Bank Hypermart Classic Card.

You who travel often can collect airmiles points to exchange for plane tickets for your next trip.


Simplify transactions

No need to carry large amounts of cash in your wallet or bother looking for an ATM to withdraw cash. You can make payments practically with a credit card.

Credit cards can also make online transactions easier for you. Currently almost all online shopping sites accept payment using credit cards. That way, no need to bother looking for the nearest ATM to send money.


Currency in various countries

Currency in various countries

Have a plan to travel abroad in the near future? With a credit card, no need to exchange money into the currency of the destination country in large quantities.

One of the uses of a credit card is as a payment instrument that is valid abroad. Later, the nominal transaction is converted to dollars in accordance with the current exchange rate. You only need to pay the bills when the holidays are over.


Manage finances

All transactions made using a credit card will be recorded on the billing statement. That means you can easily track every expense. You can also use monthly transaction reports as a benchmark for managing financial plans.

For example, if last month you made a transaction worth $ 3 million, then the following month expenses can be planned not to exceed that number.

How? Agree if the credit card can make transactions more practical while making better financial arrangements?

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